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Escape Plan Marketing specializes in proven online and offline marketing strategies for mid-sized, privately-owned companies. We engage 5 key areas of growth to propel your business to the next level.

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Brand Strategy

Branding is about way more than your company logo. It defines every experience people have with your company.

Our brand strategists work with you to identify who you are as a company and what matters to your target market. Then we tell your story with a message, logo, and visual identity that’s uniquely your own.

Branding & Logo Package
Mid-Sized Company Websites

Website Design

The quality of your website will determine how people perceive your business. If it feels neglected, small, or broken, your sales will suffer.

Escape Plan creates custom websites that effectively represent your business, improve search engine rankings, and work great on any device. Every image, graphic, or line of code is designed to help potential customers take the next step in their buyer journey.

Blogs & Social Media

Google gives bonus points to companies with fresh content on their website and social media channels. But, who has time for that?

Our US-based content marketing team produces original blog articles, email newsletters, and social media posts to connect with your target audience every single month. Plus, your content is optimized for search engines, giving you a natural boost above your competition.

Corporate Social Media Management
Google & Facebook Ads

Ad Campaigns

Sometimes you need results fast. Escape Plan can manage all your pay-per-click marketing to generate positive results in a minimal timeframe.

Targeted ad campaigns on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are perfect for time-based promotions, job postings, and a quick shot in the arm when you need it.

Google & Facebook Ads

Marketing Automation

Goodbye Anonymous Clicks. Hello, Qualified Leads.

Don’t you hate marketing reports that don’t tell you a [email protected]#$ thing? So what if 2,700 people clicked on the website? Do we know who any of them are?!?

Actually, we do.

Imagine your salesperson getting an alert that Jim, who she met at the last trade show, clicked through her automatically personalized email message to download your sales sheet. Then, Jim checked out the services page, drilling down to 3 specific products.

Sounds like a good opportunity to follow up, doesn’t it?

Our marketing automation suite connects sales and marketing to identify, nurture, and close high-value opportunities. Plus, we do it at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

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